Pike Field
Address: 130 Radnor Chester Road Map
City: Wayne, PA Map

Radnor High School
Pike Field

Radnor High School is just off of the Blue Route (Route 476). Exit at the Villanova/St. Davids exit. Coming north, go straight off the exit onto King of Prussia Rd. Going south on the Blue Route, turn right on Lancaster Ave, left onto King of Prussia.

To enter on Radnor Chester Rd, take a left on to Rt 30 Lacaster Ave. Take the second right onto Radnor Chester Road. Radnor High School will be on your right. Turn right onto Raider Road to enter Radnor High School.

Follow Raider Rd. to the end of the high school complex. There will be a parking lot and Creek field is next to the parking lot. Pike Field is the field next to Creek Field, over the actual creek.